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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The ringing of sleigh bells announced their impending arrival, and then there they were, "invisible," but clearly present in my office. 

The stairs, halls and classrooms of Saint David's were bustling with little green and red creatures this morning, moving quickly and silently about the school--surprising and exciting all those in their path.  Pre-kindergarten elves, a long standing tradition, left the relative safety of their classroom this morning and moved stealthily, albeit a little tentatively, about the wider world signaling the beginning of Christmas week at Saint David's. Magically, my camera captured this shot of the elves in my office this morning seconds before they disappeared ...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sometimes ...

... living in the western most borough of the great City of New York, one can often neglect to think about one's friends to the east.  This week, Mr. Imbelli and I ventured to the farthest reaches of the borough of Brooklyn to visit with alums on the beautiful, sprawling campus of Poly Prep, as well as alums a little closer to home at Packer Collegiate in historic downtown Brooklyn .  These visits represent my continuing efforts to reach all Saint David's alums at their high schools before they graduate. Pictured at left are Adrian '08 and Damian '07 at Packer; and below, Francis and Michael, Sean and Caleb all from '09 at Poly with David Harman, Headmaster.   The boys are all enjoying their time at their respective schools.  We gathered many ideas from the boys regarding their transition to high school and suggestions for improvements to our program.  I am proud of their accomplishments, their growth and their willingness to engage in constructive critique.