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Boys Present Original Space Shows at the Hayden Planetarium

"We're made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself."
Carl Sagan
Just prior to spring break, our sixth graders took an audience of parents, faculty and staff on a breathtaking tour of the universe, via their Digital Universe Field Study presentations at the Hayden Planetarium.

The boys narrated their presentations from the control room at the Planetarium. The shows were impressive visually and reflected the depth of their research.

Working in teams, the boys had chosen their own area in astronomy to research, and developed their story based on their personal interest. The diverse topics presented included How does Jupiter affect its moons?What can we learn about global warming from other planets? What is the future of our sun? and What does light teach us about the universe?

Over a series of weeks they explored the museum, conducted experiments in the classroom, researched, wrote, story boarded, and rehearsed their space shows. Throughout this i…

Nerdy Derby Race Day

After two weeks exploring the effects of mass, friction, and aerodynamics as they designed and built their race cars, Nerdy Derby Race Day arrived for our third graders on Friday. Boy were they ready to face off in the big event!

Working in teams of two or three, the boys had designed and engineered cars to compete in one of three races: Slowest Car, King of the Hill (the car was charged with stopping as close as possible to the top of the hill at mid-track), and Fastest Car. Throughout this project, the boys thought creatively, applied the science that they learned, and engaged in several trials before finalizing their cars for the derby.

At the countdown, the room reverberated with excitement as the second graders and a number of faculty and staff cheered on the friendly competitors.

Following the race the boys had a celebratory pizza party lunch and then attended a ceremony in the Chapel, where awards were given to the individual race winners as well as to teams for creativity, te…

Alum Leads A Cappella Session in Chapel

Alumnus Thomas Harvey '14 and two of his singing buddies, Jed Levinson and Max Horne, visited Chamber Singers' early morning rehearsal last Friday. Also along, was their faculty advisor, Mr. Rhodebeck. The trio is part of the TESTOSTERTONES, a Riverdale a cappella group led by Thomas.  The boys amazed the group with just three voices performing one of Thomas' arrangements.

Due to inclement weather and other commitments, the entire membership of the TESTOSTERTONES was unable to be with us. They regularly perform at school functions and charity events. As Choral Director Phyllis Clark noted, "It was so good to hear Thomas' mature baritone singing lead, and see the confidence and enthusiasm that we remember from his time as a music maker and actor at Saint David's."  He will be entering Dartmouth in the fall.

At San Lorenzo

Lunch on the Terrace at the Uffizi

Lunch in the glorious Tuscan sun with Il Duomo and the Campanile as company. Does it get any better!

Sketching Bargello

Uffizi Due


At the Uffizi among the Le Maesta. 

Bargello's Davides

Verrocchio Donatello Donatello's S. Giovanni Battista

Awaiting the Bargello

Sketches at the Accademia