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Thursday, March 9, 2017

EVERYMAN Explores What Matters Most

Last week, 7 Theta performed "Everyman" (author unknown), a morality play that dates back to the 1500's about the Christian idea that when you die, the only thing you can bring before God is your Good Deeds. Material goods and all aspects of one's physical being will be of no use in the afterlife; all that God will consider is the way you lived your life.

The characters include personifications of virtues and vices, as well as objects or activities. Once the messenger of death visits Everyman, his friends and kin abandon him. They are soon followed by Goods (worldly possessions), Beauty, Strength, Discretion, Five Wits and Knowledge.  It is only Good Deeds that stay with Everyman through it all.

Congratulations to the boys of 7 Theta and their Teacher/Director Jim Barbieri for giving us all a play that asks us to think about what is most important.

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