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Double Goals

Consistent with our theme this year, the aesthetic, and within the context of our 5th phase of the Curriculum Initiative, we are working with the Positive Coaching Alliance to provide critical evaluative feedback about aspects of our athletic program.  We have a strong and robust program; but we don't rest on our laurels.  Today, the fist of several visits scheduled for this school-year is underway.  The Alliance will be observing not only all of our coaches at work; but each of our myriad programs in progress.  Critical professional development feedback directly related to coaching methods and strategies, followed by a series of tailored professional development workshops will define this year's professional activity in the Athletic Department. 

If interested in a good related read start with The Double Goal Coach, by Jim Thompson.

This professional development is, in part, made possible though the Albert H. Gordon Professional Development Athletic Fund.

Opening Letter to the School Community

From 400 feet above sea level, floating on a gentle breeze at sunrise, Saint David’s administrators experienced the world from a completely new perspective this summer. Accompanied by a little nervousness, a mild dose of trepidation, and surrounded by the moist, chilly, pre-dawn air of a late summer’s day, each prepared a 90,000 cubic foot hot air balloon for flight. It wasn’t easy, but sometimes to really see something, to fully recognize and appreciate the world about us, we have to change our “usual” perspective. This year, our school and each of our sons will also take a “flight” of sorts. For our sons, it will be a flight on which they learn to see more and differently; for our school it will be a very special, anniversary flight.

In opening the doors of Saint David’s School this year, we will do so in celebration of her 60th year. This important milestone will be recognized with customary fanfare and ritual, not least of which will be the 60th Anniversary Mass at St. Ignatius Lo…

Citizens of the World

As our boys become men, they will do so at a time when actions and events in one part of the globe are instantaneously felt everywhere. Like our parents and grandparents, our sons will be citizens of their native lands but, unlike them, they will also be citizens of the world. In order to thrive, they will need a sound foundation in their own history, culture, values, and beliefs, and will need to possess qualities of mind that enable them to embrace, understand, and appreciate difference in all of its manifestations. Our sons will compete on the global stage across all professions and fields of study. No matter their chosen career, they will communicate, travel, interact, and work with people from "worlds" that differ greatly from theirs. The “new essentials” of the future will require the ability to access, organize, synthesize, and legitimize information efficiently and effectively. Our boys will have to think creatively, present coherently in both verbal and graphic form…