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Friday, March 5, 2010

Many of Us Traveled ...

... extensively this week.  Fourth Grade boys took us on a journey with them along the Silk Road (the Headmaster's Office was Rome) and the Second Grade to the founding generation--revolutionary Americans.  Extending for more than 7,000 miles, the ancient trade routes that comprised "the Silk Road" (200 BC through 200 AD approx.) enabled people to transport goods such as silk, satin, musk, spices, medicines, jewels, and glassware, as well as serving as a conduit for the spread of knowledge, ideas, and cultures between different parts of the world--Ancient China, Ancient India, Asia Minor and the Mediterranean--contributing to the development of the great civilizations of China, Egypt, Rome, Persia and India, to name a few.  The boys moved along Saint David's "Silk Road" trading and exchanging throughout with equal daring and influence.  The halls and stairwells were aglow with color, movement and noisy "trade."

In the Wax Museums of the Pi, Theta and Chi classrooms on Thursday, Madame Tussauds would have been proud.  The Second Graders, before the coin was dropped in the slot, were as frozen as any wax figure on 42nd Street.  Once engaged though, they came alive and spoke convincingly of their rightful place in the founding history of America.  Incredible job!  They were so very serious--wigs and all.

In both cases the boys were physically engaging, through role-play, with history, bringing to life their studies of Ancient Civilizations (4th grade) and American History (2nd grade).  What a week!

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