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Friday, March 2, 2012

From the Ancients and the Medieval to the Revolution and Immigration, We Cover it All at SDS

It was a busy week or two at Saint David's.  In addition to the 8th grade boys preparing for their departure for Rome this Monday, the 3rd grade's Ellis Island mock immigration experience, and the 2nd Grade's Wax Museum, we enjoyed performances by the 6th grade in "For Though They May Be Parted," an original script and score by our own 20th Century Kaleidoscope team of teachers; 7 Theta's production of Everyman, the Medieval morality play that uses allegorical drama to make its point, and Silk Road, the 4th Grade's mock Silk Road journey throughout the ancient world.

On our Silk Road, the Headmaster's office was Rome.  Above and at bottom are two pictures we snapped of some traders from Arabia peddling their silk in exchange for Rome's glass and jewels.

At right, you'll find a few of the virtues, vices, objects and activities that are personified in Everyman.  Once the messenger of death visited everyman, it was his friends and kindred who first abandoned him.  They were soon followed by Goods (worldly possessions) , Beauty, Strength, Discretion, Five Wits and Knowledge.  It was only Good Deeds that stayed with Everyman through it all.

All of these events are examples of the many culminating experiences that follow weeks and months of study by the boys.  Each is a physical, hands-on manifestation of the boys' learning --their study, knowledge and meaning-making.  They are also examples of the incredible, innovative and creative curriculum work by our teachers, that has come from our Curriculum Initiative.

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