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Monday, July 13, 2015

Horizons Opens Fourth Year

In our fourth year, Horizons at Saint David's welcomed 67 boys from five Harlem schools across four grades.  The school is humming with activity this summer as boys work, learn, and socialize with each other. 

Horizons continues to grow.  This summer, eight teachers are coordinating the homerooms with five teachers working as specialists in science, music, art, and athletics.  A reading specialist oversees the implementation of the comprehensive reading program.  Nine Saint David's alumni volunteers support the program daily, along with three Saint David's teacher volunteers.  Horizons is administered by a team of three.  

Following are a few highlights of the first two weeks:

First graders are learning about plants.  Last week during STEM time they planted wheatgrass that has already grown several inches.

A highlight for fourth grade boys is their study of simple machines.  In addition, Lynn Wright and The Actors Company Theater (TACT) have teamed up with our fourth grade boys and their teachers to teach improvisational theater techniques.  As part of their study, the boys visited the Classical Theater of Harlem to learn about their performance of Shakespeare's "Tempest" and get a behind-the- scenes look at the stage.

Following the Saint David's tradition of team sports during athletics time, the third and fourth grade boys now have sports together, facilitating a four team rotation for games.  It has proven to be a very exciting part of the day.

Second grade boys are studying insects and using Beebots in their STEM classes. 

Third graders are learning about rockets.  This summer, they will design and build their own rockets and launch them in the backyard testing height, speed, and velocity. 

During Friday afternoon assemblies, several boys from each grade are recognized each week for something special.

The second, third, and fourth grades last week traveled to Marymount's Fab Lab to learn about circuits.  

For our fourth grade boys this is their fourth summer in the program. They have grown so much academically, socially, and emotionally. The program is a smashing success.  This Wednesday morning is an Open House, drop us a line if you'd like to view the program in action.

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