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Monday, September 19, 2016

New Partnership with Guggenheim Begins for Grade 2

Today our second graders and their art teachers began an exciting new unit done through our partnership with the Guggenheim, right down the block from Saint David's.

Led by a museum educator, the boys first gathered in the rotunda of this architectural wonder and talked about the various shapes they could see within the museum, as well as how Francis Lloyd Wright was inspired by his love of nature.

When asked to comment about the shape of the building itself, boys said it brought to mind "a snake coil," an "upside down ice cream cone," and "tornadoes."

They then viewed Piet Mondrian's Dune in Zeeland, discussing how this work was done exclusively in two colors, and they examined the edges where the orange and blue meet.

Afterward, the boys moved to the art studio where they explored the relationship between color and shape, creating their own two-color collages by combining large and small shapes of torn paper.

This was the first of 10 sessions at the Guggenheim; the last will be a final exhibit of the boys' artwork.

Partnerships like this enable boys to be exposed to teachers beyond the classroom, which promotes a different type of questioning and intellectual curiosity.

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