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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer of 2017 Construction Update

Our construction project is moving along well. Here's an update of recent and current work:

Concrete pour on the rear of Graham House has been completed with the exception of the second mezzanine level. Concrete pours on the second mezzanine level in both buildings are scheduled for late next week. Once all welding is complete, the temporary columns supporting the truss will be systematically removed, allowing for the balance of the concrete to be completed.

The elevator pit slab has been poured and wall work is now underway. Steel work is also underway with large steel deliveries containing the balance of the steel needed for buildings 18 and 20.

CMU shear wall block-work has extended up to the fifth floor level. Now that the sixth floor is also poured, block-work can continue working up to the top of the building. The sixth floor block-work is scheduled to begin this week.

The phased demolition and steel infill work has commenced on the third floor. The first half of the floor will be completed next week, allowing demolition to begin on the balance of the floor.

Steel installation continues with phased selective demo on the fourth floor of building 22, and the second mezzanine of building 20. Steel laydown areas have been created on multiple floors in preparation for hoisting. Elevator walls have rebar installed, and the concrete forms are being installed today.

Demo in the basement has begun. Photo above shows the Lower School Dining Room area.  

Steel prep work on the second floor mezzanine is nearing completion. Concrete pours for the seating in the new Performing Arts Center continue in sequence as scripted.

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