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Monday, March 14, 2011

Lunedi, 14 Marzo

Even though the weatherman called for showers today, the rain was kept at bay by the gods until 6 PM.  The broken clouds and periodic sunshine made for a perfect Florentine day.  The highlight for the boys would have to have been their shopping extravaganza in the San Lorenzo Leather Market.  In the video clip attached, some of the boys report on their hard-bargained purchases.

An earlier breakfast than yesterday was followed this morning by a brisk walk to Piazza della Repubblica with a historical overview by our informative guide Ignazio.  It was then on to Santa Maria Del Fiore to examine the architecture of the Basilica’s façade, Brunelleschi’s dome and the Tuscan Gothic interior. The boys also paid a visit to Opera di Santa Maria Del Fiore to view Donatello’s wooden Magdalen, Michelangelo’s Florentine Pieta, Brunelleschi’s and Della Robbia’s incredible choir stalls (Le Cantorie), and his, Pisano’s, and Giotto’s Campanile carved panels.  The boys also sketched interior details of Brunelleschi’s San Lorenzo. Busy, busy!

This obviously heavy morning was followed in the afternoon by a more relaxed shopping adventure in the market.  Shoes, surprisingly, turned out to be the most desired item of fashion, along with folex’s, ties, scarves, leather jackets and a variety of other “needed accessories.”

For class tonight, John W., following the lead of JC last night, presented 10 questions to test the knowledge acquired and attention paid by his classmates today.  Outstanding, it was, and very humorous!  John’s final question which was for extra credit “Today a bought a blazer.  To quote Mrs. Iannicelli it was affare (bargain), and it was not cianfrusaglia  (junk).  How much did I pay for my blazer?”  Unbelievably, more boys got this question right then any other question on the quiz.  The correct answer was 40 euro. I suppose you had to be there to appreciate just how funny it was.  Anyway, so went the day.

All is well.

Ciao for now.

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