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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Pulse of Electrons

Our third grade boys are in the midst of a new electronics STE(A)M unit, using Little Bits kits.

Yesterday, they experimented with using a pulse bit to change the speed of the electronic signals that cause an LED to blink. Using a power bit,  power source (battery), pulse bit, and vibration loader, the boys had great fun experimenting with their devices and collaborating with each other. They were delighted when, through successful connection, they heard the pulse beats and saw the light blink, indicating the flow of electrons and their speed of travel.

In units such as this, we are guiding our younger boys to be creative idea-generators and collaborators.

This year Saint David's has increased the number of science periods each week in Grades One through Three, and we are folding technology into the science curriculum through a new STE(A)M strand that allows us more opportunity to teach active, collaborative problem-solving skills.

A short video clip follows too.

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