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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Flying Through Space from the Comfort of School

Saint David's School became its own planetarium last Friday when sixth graders, through our school's collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History, had the incredible opportunity to fly through space from the comfort of school!

Our AMNH educator, Mr. Evan Ramm, brought the Hayden Planetarium's Uni View software to school for the boys to use as they develop topics of study and research questions in astronomy, which will become the subjects of their very own Planetarium space shows.

The boys used the Planetarium software to ensure that their interests could be visualized and be the basis for their flights through space.  They explored their questions through databases and websites like NASA and JPL, to deepen their understanding and research their chosen topics.

The next step in this exciting interdisciplinary Digital Universe unit of study will occur in English class as the boys create their storyboards and write scripts for their upcoming presentations.

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