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Monday, January 9, 2017

New Observational Drawing Partnership With Guggenheim for Grade 7

Seventh Grade boys are exploring the history, architecture, and art works on view on at the Guggenheim Museum as part of Saint David's special partnership with the institution.

After learning about Frank Lloyd Wright's application of organic architecture and geometry in his design for the museum, boys were asked to find examples of these concepts within the museum's interior, and to make carefully observed drawings of their findings.

They will apply the observational drawing skills they learned during their fall Drawing Boot Camp, in order to draw and study chosen works in the permanent Thannhauser and Guggenheim collections by artists such as Picasso, Cezanne, Seurat, and Mondrian. As a culminating project, they will choose one of these works to study closely and draw in detail, synthesizing their drawing skills. They will also write an essay explaining the artist's motivation and process, and how he or she used concepts of line, proportion, value, and space in the work.

In February, the boys will exhibit their drawings in the museum's educational spaces, illuminating the progression of their learning to "draw what they see" as a means to more deeply understand themselves and the world around them. 

Saint David's new partnership with the Guggenheim this year is one of the many ways we are harnessing the vast resources of our city's cultural and scientific institutions to augment and deepen the boys' learning across the educational program.

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