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Friday, November 30, 2018

Andover, Brooks, Horace Mann and Loyola

Yesterday and last week, in my continuing quest to visit every Saint David's alum in his high school before he graduates, I had the great pleasure of visiting Daniel '17 at Andover; Liam '15, Finn '16, and Sean '16 at Brooks in Massachusetts; Ryan '15, Rohan '16, Ben '16, and Spencer '17 at Horace Mann; and Marco '15, Brij '16, Tristan '16, Nicholas '16, Clark '18, and Nicholas '18 at Loyola, here in the city.

The boys were thriving in their schools and I returned with an incredible cache of intelligence regarding improvements we can make to our program, along with things they'd never want to see change.

On the Massachusetts trip, I was delighted to have Mr. Imbelli along. Somehow, he talked the airline rep into giving us extra legroom--free! The boys were thrilled to see him too.

Horace Mann, NYC

Andover, MA

Brooks, MA

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