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Friday, January 25, 2019

Commitment to the Arts

For two weeks each year, during January's deep freeze, Saint David's Winter Festival of Art and Music arrives to warm us with a celebration of the arts--an essential pillar of our school's balanced program.

Yesterday was the first Winter Concert in our Otto-Bernstein Performing Arts Theatre. What a joy to see our musicians play on a beautiful, spacious stage and to hear them benefit from the professional acoustics the new theatre affords!

This concert showcased the Percussion Ensemble, Philharmonic Ensemble, and Chamber Singers delivering a richly diverse program of the classical and contemporary, with pieces ranging from Bach and Haydn to Freddy Mercury and Crowded House. Preparation for the performances entailed hours and hours of practice (and more practice) by the boys along with serious commitment. The devotion of Saint David's boys and music faculty to their art is outstanding. We are so fortunate.

Kudos to our young musicians and their directors: John Francis, Percussion Ensemble, Philip Hough, Philharmonic Ensemble (with Aaron Van Heyningen, Assistant Conductor, and Joseph Martin, Pianist); and Phyllis Clark, Chamber Singers (with Elizabeth Rodgers, Pianist).

Below is a clip from the concert:

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