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Chelsea Clinton at Saint David's

Over the course of this year we have explored our school-wide theme of True Community not only as it pertains to our school’s community, but its implications in the context of "a citizen of the world."

After graduation, Saint David's boys will step out into a world that will require them to build community on a global scale, and our responsibility is to prepare them for it.

In the spirit of this realization, our eighth graders and parents of alums were treated to a conversation yesterday evening featuring Chelsea Clinton. Addressing the theme “True Community, A Global Imperative,” to a packed audience in Hyman Hall, Ms. Clinton spoke passionately of her work with the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Health Access Initiative, and the causes that most resonate with her, in particular those improving the health of children around the world.

Chelsea encouraged our boys to discover their individual talents and passions and to use them to make a difference, advising that "being responsible means recognizing your unique gift and manifesting it in the world.”  She urged the boys to first recognize and then take positive action on the "disequilibrium" in the world that angers them most.

Following her remarks, Chelsea enthusiastically and adroitly engaged the boys in conversation, candidly answering the thoughtful questions they posed about the Clinton Health Access Initiative, global problems, and her assessment of her current work and future plans.

The evening was sponsored by the Alumni Parents Council, under the leadership of Linda Foran and Dorothy Faux.

The Annual Lecture Series each year provides our eighth grade boys a special opportunity to explore the school's mission and themes from a notable person/leader. 


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Eighth graders and their teachers have arrived in Rome and are enjoying the first day of the 10-day Italian Study Tour.

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This trip is an exceptional opportunity for our boys to augment their in-class learning, build experience as citizens of the world beyond New York City, and strengthen their bonds as a graduating class.

I can't wait to join the boys and their teachers later in the week!