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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Building Community From Within

An Introductory Activity at Community Club This Morning
Saint David's created a boys Community Club out of its strategic desire to build an even stronger, more supportive and inclusive community within the school.  As the program enters its second year, faculty and boys involved with the program are excited.  Their focus is to 'do,' engage in action that builds school community.

During the Community Club’s first few sessions, the boys have participated in greetings and activities that help them get to know one another reports Amanda Rathbun, one of the club's leading faculty members.

The Community Club’s first goal is to help build community within the club—help boys feel comfortable, confident, and included.  We have also had great conversations about how we can help make Saint David’s a stronger community.

The boys brainstormed ideas such as: bring people together to learn about them, share our different interests with older boys, help boys make new friends, teach people how to stay in good health.  The Community Club also had inspiring conversations about their different interests and their family differences.  Boys discussed how their different interests make them more special and unique, and that we should learn about people’s differences so we can get to know them better.   They also discussed family differences, and had a great discussion about how families are different.  Many of the boys in this conversation realized that their family’s differences are actually shared by many families!

This fall, the boys in the Community Club have decided to make a series of Public Service Announcements in order to share helpful reminders and teach valuable lessons.  These PSA’s will be scripted, performed, and filmed by boys in the Community Club and then shown in every homeroom at homeroom time.

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