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Monday, October 21, 2013

What are you Eating? Because First Graders Know What They're Eating

Boys Grouping Foods
Last week first grade boys learned about good nutrition in an engaging way during an interdisciplinary athletics class at the 94th Street Gym. The boys enjoyed playing a variety of active healthy-eating themed games with their coaches including "Food Tag Frenzy" where the goal was to create healthy, balanced meals.

The boys also participated in presentations about healthy eating by a registered dietician from Cater to You, which included discussion of the food groups, healthy eating habits, creating balanced "colorful" meals, and the importance of hydration.

A delicious themed lunch that focused on balanced, colorful foods followed the special workshop session.

Food Awaiting Grouping
This new interdisciplinary unit in the first grade combines nutrition, athletics, and health; it is one part of a larger curricular strand that also includes a new unit in the sixth grade that I blogged about last month. 

In line with our year-long theme "critical analysis," making healthy choices about what we put into our bodies involves a certain level of critical thinking and informed judgement about the foods we eat and our corresponding levels of physical activity.

The important roles that proper nutrition and physical activity play in fostering good health and enhanced physical and academic performance are well documented.  For our boys learning this early in life is a Saint David's goal.

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