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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

School-wide Theme in Action: Professional Growth and Development

Our school-wide theme, "Critical Analysis" in action!

An outgrowth of our multi-year Curriculum Initiative that concluded last year was the incorporation of more outside professional critiques of various aspects of our program.  Several years ago Saint David's Athletic Department partnered with the Positive Coaching Alliance to objectively provide on-going professional critique of our coaching practices and procedures; not to address any particular issue, rather to continually grow and improve professional practice.

After visits by the Alliance staff earlier in the season, Saint David's coaches this past Saturday gathered at school for a follow-up workshop.  The workshop began with the question,“What is my legacy?” This led to a lively discussion on the value of creating a positive athletic culture. It also led to the question: Are we making sure the boys know and understand “The Way We Do Things Here?”

The department then discussed the importance of creating an open mindset for our boys, which allows them to value practice, hard work, and effort and how it’s part of our coaching responsibility to ensure this mindset's cultivation is a part of our instruction. Preparing the body for sports and developing specific physical skills is only part of the coaches' role.  Equally important is the cultivation of a mindset that values commitment, perseverance, and effort.

The coaches also spent a considerable amount of time critically reflecting on the amount of time spent on Outcome Goals (winning) vs. Performance Goals (steady improvement).

The third component of the workshop focused on how we teach our boys to compete. The coaches explored the essence of a “Triple Impact Competitor,” our aim for the Saint David's athlete, who 1) Works to master his skills and understand the importance of steady improvement; 2) Shows team leadership by staying positive with all of his teammates; and 3) Remembers at all times that he must “Honor The Game.”

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