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Friday, May 16, 2014

Horace Mann

I spent the early morning this morning with Saint David's alums at Horace Mann.  Connor S, '10 is graduating this year and heading off to Georgia Tech.  He's excited and especially looking forward to orientation in Montana this summer.  Andre J., '11, Christopher W., '11, William W., '11, Pedro deCG., '12, and JP C., '13 are all representing their Alma mater with distinction.

The boys are involved in a variety of sports from track to lacrosse, football and soccer with many on the school's varsity teams. They are keeping up with their studies, felt very well prepared, and are excited about their summer plans: one is off to China to immerse himself in Mandarin, one to the NY Stock Exchange for an internship, another to the DR for community service, one to a soccer intensive/physics intensive, and one will travel extensively. 

It was a great way to start a day!  The boys were incredibly generous with their time and I appreciated and enjoyed their company and candor.

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