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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Interdisciplinary Unit Hones Research Skills

Our sixth grade boys have been honing their research skills in a new technology-based interdisciplinary studies class that is team-taught by teachers Karen Davis (English), Emily Einhorn (science), Joe Shapiro (history), and Gwen Kaplan (library).

The class is loosely based on the educational idea of “20% Time,”  which promotes students selecting a topic in their own area of interest to research while still hitting all core skills and content.

After choosing a subject they are interested in or passionate about to study--as it relates to their English, history, and science classes--our boys then research their question or topic using selected databases-- gathering information, creating citations, and compiling their findings--with Noodletools.

The wide range of topics selected by the boys have included how climate change is affecting Snow Leopards, bone marrow stem cells, pirate lore, and the Battle of Bunker Hill.

At the end of the trimester each boy presents the results of his research using iPad technology.

This unit is an example of the purposeful integration of technology and the interdisciplinary focus of our Upper School program, where boys make connections across disciplines and develop a deeper level of understanding.

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