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Monday, November 9, 2015

Community Through Art

Now on display in our lobby are these lively collaged images made by our boys as part of a community building project.

In several sessions during the fall, Upper School boys new to Saint David’s and their assigned “buddies” participated in creating the art project to help welcome  boys new to our school community.

First, the boys and their buddies completed a “getting to know you” questionnaire in which they shared information about their families, likes, and dislikes. 

They then created self–portrait type artworks, which incorporated collaged images representing the content from the questionnaire within a silhouette of their profile (4th grade), or a figure in action (5th and 7th grades).

The boys and their teachers, Ms. Boccella, Ms. Valdes, and Mr. Meals, enjoyed working on this activity to help our new boys and their buddies get to know one another better through their art.

Community is a cherished value at Saint David's; through the school's Committee on Community, the Friday morning Community Club,  activities like this Community Art Project, and in myriad ways throughout the year, we celebrate and strengthen the connection between and among ourselves.

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