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Friday, February 19, 2016

100 Days Scavenger Hunt

Our pre-primary boys are celebrating the 100th day of school this week with creative projects that reinforce and build math skills.

Yesterday Kindergarten boys went on a scavenger hunt, delightedly taking turns combing their classroom for colorful bears hidden in corners and cubbies, which they then placed on a 100s chart.

After each turn, teachers and boys reviewed the chart to determine how many more bears were needed to reach 100. Once the boys had completed the chart, they skip counted by fives and 10s to reach 100.

Today, the Omega boys will exhibit their 100 Days Museum projects for parents; these are always creative and colorful displays in which they cluster objects into equal groups to reach 100.

Through engaging, hands-on activities like these our young learners have fun as they develop number sense, discovering patterns in math in a tangible and visual way.

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