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Friday, February 12, 2016

Alcestis Cries Out

This morning, 7 Pi took us back to ancient Greece, with a performance of Alcestis by Euripides. The play tells the story of King Admetos and his wife, Alcestis, who sacrifices her life to spare her husband from Death's hand.

This tragi-comedy, which explores various relationships, was performed so well by our seventh graders, under the superb direction of their teacher, Joe Kilkeary.

Euripides was not well liked in Athens, as he rejected the life of the polis and questioned the gods and heroes. I was impressed with how the boys mastered the comic and tragic elements in this free-thinking, rebel playwright's words.

In seventh grade, the boys explore ancient Greece and Rome in their history classes, and the seventh grade plays (7 Theta will perform theirs next week) are mounted in conjunction with this unit of study.

The tradition of theatrical performance is strong at Saint David's; plays or musicals drawn from the curriculum are produced by most grades throughout the school. 

Congratulations to all of our budding thespians this morning.  Well done!

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