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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Season for Deliberate Moral Introspection

This morning Grades 3 through 8, parents, faculty and staff gathered for the Ash Wednesday mass at St. Thomas More, marking the beginning of the Lenten Season in the Christian calendar.

It is a season for reflection, penance, sacrifice, and good works in preparation for Easter; a time set aside for practicing what is our school-wide theme this year: deliberate moral introspection.

Through this year's theme, drawn from the first sentence of our mission, we are asking our boys and ourselves to think about the effects of our thoughts and actions: to reflect on the virtues (cardinal, theological, or intellectual), and to examine traits of character--all toward developing and strengthening the moral core.

Our school masses celebrate and reflect a community for which doing good is a priority, whatever our individual religious affiliation may be. It is the ultimate aspiration for our graduates.

Every day, whether or not it is Lent, provides the opportunity for each of us and our boys to be a little better than the day before.

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