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Friday, February 17, 2017

4th Grade Brush Painting Workshop Led by Dr. Hai of the China Institute

Dr. Willow Hai of the China Institute led our fourth graders this week in a calligraphy/brush painting workshop at Saint David's. Dr. Hai, an expert in calligraphy and brush painting, taught the boys proper Chinese brush technique and discussed the differences between traditional and modern interpretations.

Fourth graders are studying ancient Chinese civilization in their history curriculum, and "mountain-water" paintings in their art classes. The boys recently visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art  to view the scholar's garden and other art treasures under the guidance of their history teachers.

In art class they have made scrolls inspired by Chinese landscape painting and discussed the concept of "the three perfections" of calligraphy, painting, and poetry within the Chinese cultural context, so the boys were very excited to learn and practice some brush techniques.

Our gratitude to Dr. Hai for providing the workshop and to our Upper School Assistant Librarian Winnie Feng for coordinating this special learning session. 

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