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Friday, February 10, 2017

Lower School Art on Display

For the past two weeks, Room 22 at Saint David's has turned into an art gallery, featuring the artwork of our Lower School boys.

The boys' pieces, representing their accomplishments in art, pottery and woodworking, are thoughtful creations that reflect art skills they have learned in conjunction with the boys' study of the techniques of various masters such as Van Gogh (Kindergarten) and Kandinsky (Grade One).

Often art class also is where our boys can further explore topics they are learning about in other disciplines. In woodworking, boys in Grade Three create covered wagons related to their study of the Oregon Trail; while Omega's animal portraits reflect their learning about animals and their environment.

The arts are an important pillar at Saint David's. It's a joy to see the creative spirit of our boys expressed on canvas, in clay or through woodwork. Their pieces are reflections of what they have learned, as well as how they see, what they think and how they feel.

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