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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Building "Fun City"

Our Pre-K boys and their teachers are putting our new STEAM suite to good use. The boys recently completed an integrated art and science project to design and build a city from a variety of materials.

The boys selected features that "Fun City" would include, such as ramps, bridges, parks, trees, and vehicles, and got to work planning, designing, and creating all of the features and painting/decorating them.

On the floor or at the art table, the boys were 100 percent engaged in the tasks at hand, loving every minute and expressing delight when a feature worked as planned ("Did you see that car go across the bridge?") and going back to the design phase when something didn't quite work as well.

Our STEAM Suite is enabling exciting new opportunities for integration across the art, science, and math disciplines in all grades. No limits!

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