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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Sixth Grade Digital Universe Flight Study Begins

Last week, sixth graders began what will prove to be an out of this world experience--the Digital Universe Flight Study unit, conducted through our unique partnership with the American Museum of Natural History.

At the museum, the boys have access to research-grade tools including UniView, which interfaces with the Digital Universe Atlas, as well as the deep discipline expertise of the museum educators and astrophysicists. The interdisciplinary unit entails several field study sessions at the museum as well as English and Science classes back on our school's campus.

Our boys will work in pairs to research, storyboard, and create a show in which they "fly" through space as they answer an astronomy research question of their choice. They will present and narrate their shows live in the dome of the Hayden Planetarium in March.

Through this unit, our boys benefit from the expertise of astronomers as well as their exceptional Saint David's teachers, gathering a deeper understanding of the Universe while honing their narration and presentation skills.

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