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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Second Graders Present at Guggenheim

Our second graders took center stage at the Guggenheim last week when they presented "Look, Imagine, Create: Collages, Paintings, Drawings, and Constructions." The event was the culmination of the boys' fall semester art unit, which takes place at the Guggenheim over several weeks, through Saint David's partnership with the museum.

In the first part of the event's program, the boys led gallery tours for visiting parents, first graders, and faculty and staff, presenting what they had learned about particular works, such as Picasso's Mandolin and Guitar and Hilma af Klint's The Ten Largest.

Then it was down to the Guggenheim art studios for a display of the boys' original art creations, which had been inspired by their learning throughout this unit, under the expert guidance of their art teachers Melanie Fidler, Emily Melander, and Jenna Boccella, and Guggenheim Museum Educator Hollie Ecker.

Saint David's art program in second grade revolves around the boys' firsthand interaction with works of art at museums. Boys develop a sound vocabulary about art and are able to articulate their learning abut line, color, abstraction, texture, attachment techniques, and materials, all while having the opportunity to study masterpieces up close.

This partnership exemplifies the school's commitment to its aesthetics pillar, and enables our boys to benefit from all that the Guggenheim offers, just a few doors down from our school.

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