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Passing of Donald T. Maiocco, Headmaster Emeritus of Saint David's

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. Donald T. Maiocco, a teacher, administrator, mentor and kind friend to all at Saint David’s. His influence on the spirit and culture of this great school was profound. A man deeply committed to its mission—especially its faith tradition, the aesthetic, comportment, and the very highest of academic standards—Dr. Maiocco served the school for twelve years as its fourth headmaster. His love for the arts, respect for the classical ideals of balance and beauty and his love for the boys not only defined his tenure but also his professional life as an educator. A man of letters, Don’s intellectual passion was equaled only by his insistence on good manners and personal integrity, the dimple in the tie and the buttoned blazer.
I’m convinced it was no accident that Dr. Maiocco passed while we are in Rome with the boys on their Italian Study Tour—and at the Vatican no less—touring the art and architecture of the Classical and Renaissance eras—a capstone experience introduced and treasured by Dr. Maiocco. He was a Renaissance man in deed and word.
The fourth Headmaster will be deeply missed by the fifth and by a grateful community. May he rest in eternal peace.
Ut viri boni sint.


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An Evening With Lidia Bastianich

On Tuesday evening, Lidia Bastianich, award-winning chef, restaurateur, television host and author, visited Saint David's to speak to the Saint David's Alumni Parent community and current Eighth Grade.

Interviewed by Alumni Parent Dr. Joseph Haddad for our Alumni Parent Council Lecture, Lidia recounted her youth in Istria when the once Italian peninsula shifted to communist reign after World War II, her two years spent as a refugee in Trieste, and her experiences after her family immigrated to America when she was eleven years old.

The boys were fascinated with her discussion about her family's escape from Istria and her life as a refugee and immigrant. She expressed her everlasting gratitude to the people who provided assistance to her family in Trieste and when they first arrived in New York. "I can't talk enough about the goodness of the people who helped us," she said. "I am where I am because of them."

As a highly successful person with…

Near the Finish Line

Our monumental expansion/consolidation project is on track and we are all set to be ready for opening day! Many thanks to the construction team under supervisor Pete Provenza, and our Facilities staff, who have been working around the clock to ensure a timely completion.

Here is a look at a few of the spaces. They are spectacular, and will serve our boys and their teachers well!

  Lower Gym
Middle Gym
 Upper Gym

Cardio Fitness Center Space
"Il Duomo" -- The Eighth Grade Commons
STEAM Commons
Fifth Grade Commons
Performing Arts Center
New Lunchroom

Celebrating Boys!

Yesterday was the first day in a school that, after two-and-a-half years of tight-belt compression, stretched into beautifully expanded space. Exhale. We were ready. So were the boys!

Often wide-eyed, they oohed and aahed, and then got to business greeting their classmates and teachers, who helped them navigate their way to their classrooms; some familiar, others brand new. Teaching and learning began.

Each morning, I will continue to greet our boys at the same townhouse door, the black door of Building 16, as has been custom for decades. Saint David's is the same school at its core, with the same values and mission that have guided us for nearly 70 years, now housed in a beautiful new program-driven facility that will enable our community to be all that we can be.

This year's school-wide theme is simple--boys. They are who we teach, what we do. And boyhood is what we treasure.

Welcome to Year 68.