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Friday, January 23, 2015

Art Throughout Saint David's

The Winter Art Show is up. As always during these two weeks in mid-winter, it is warming the halls of our school with examples of the art our boys have created this school-year in art, pottery, and woodworking classes. Work from all grades and all boys hangs proudly throughout our beautiful buildings.

Our boys' study in art is informed by the study of master artists, visits to art museums, and by learning the skills, tools, and criteria for creating art, so that what they produce is deliberate--the result of careful thought and analysis, and trial-and-error, as well as creativity. 

Here's a brief look at some of their work; visit the school to see all!


The art created by our boys often is linked to their study in other disciplines; so that when our fourth graders study the Egyptian civilization, for example, they also create figures in the style of the ancient Egyptians.

Third graders take what they learn about engineering to craft basic machines in woodworking.

Second graders experiment with printmaking, in preparation for Revolutionary Era prints they will create later in the year in social studies.

Eighth graders, who have been honing their observational drawing, are preparing for the sketching they will do when they are in Italy this March.

Our appreciation goes to their inspiring teachers: Ms. Boccella, Mr. Sunderwirth, Mr. Kessler, Ms. Fidler, and Ms. Frassinelli.

The aesthetic is an ideal and a pillar of our school, and it is now so beautifully on display.

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