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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Concert Kicks Off Winter Festival of Art and Music

This morning, Saint David's kicked off its Winter Festival of Art and Music with a wonderful concert given by our two orchestras for the boys in the Lower School.

The theme of the concert was "symphonies" and included performances of works by Brahms, Schubert, Mozart, Haydn and Tchaikovsky.

First up were our young musicians in the First Orchestra, under the direction of Ms. Andersen. Before playing, these boys in Grades One through Three, also spoke to the audience about the make-up of their orchestra and the pieces they were about to perform, which they did beautifully. Next came the older boys of the Philharmonic Ensemble, under the direction of Mr. Hough, performing splendidly for their younger classmates.

Whenever I attend our concerts, I walk away impressed that our boys can perform so well at such a young age. This a testament to the boys' talent, commitment and practice, and to the talent, dedication and acumen of conductors Andersen and Hough.

The Winter Festival is a special tradition at Saint David's, which celebrates our boys' creativity in the arts and the school's focus on the aesthetic as part of a balanced pedagogy.

During the next two weeks there will be many events showcasing our boys' work in the arts, warming these cold days of winter with the beauty of art and music. Below, is a brief clip from this morning's concert.

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