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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fifth Grade DNA Scientists in Unit With DNALC

This morning, our fifth graders began their extensive unit of study on DNA through our collaboration with the DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

An educator from the DNALC led the session at Saint David's, which was an introduction to the composition of animal cells.

Comparing the cell's production of proteins to the work of a factory, the educator guided the boys in a discussion about the various components of cells, including the factory's "boss" DNA.

The boys then got down to work and built "baggie" models of cells from a variety of ingredients that represented the membrane, DNA, organelles, cytoplasm and nutrients.

This is the second year of our partnership with DNALC, which will include the boys' field visit to the DNALC Lab in Cold Spring Harbor; DNA extraction; and isolation, PCR and gel electrophoresis.

We have also partnered this year with the DNALC for a new unit in the eighth grade, which will begin next month.

Our school partnerships enable our boys to engage with DNA scientists in a series of hands-on learning experiences. Beyond the classroom units like this one inspire our boys to generate ideas as they employ their scientific minds, curiosity and imaginations.

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