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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Saint David's Boys Support Wounded Warriors

Guest Speaker from Wounded Warrior at Saint David's

Each year our Eighth Grade Student Council leads the student body in a school-wide fundraising project in support of a cause or organization of their choice.

This year, the boys are working to support The Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that offers free programs to our veterans who were wounded during their service.

The project kicked off last week when a guest speaker from Wounded Warrior met with the boys in Grades Three through Eight. The boys were inspired by the veteran's story and his resilience.

That same day our eighth graders held a soccer tournament to raise funds.  Today, Student Council officers sold Warrior Project t-shirts, lapel pins, and wrist bands for a voluntary donation in the front lobby. 

Wounded Warrior Project Soccer Tournament
Taking action for the common good is an ideal at Saint David's; it is the way our spirituality pillar is made concrete.  This year our boys will also continue to support the Saint David's Kalina School in Ethiopia, which opened last year after four years of fundraising by Saint David's boys. 

Morning sale to raise funds for WWP.
Our boys engage in many service projects: selling pies and collecting canned food for the Thanksgiving Food Drive, visiting seniors at Carnegie East, volunteering at Cardinal Cooke, fundraising for Pennies for Puppies, and the Eighth Grade project are but a few examples.

I am always struck by the zeal with which our boys engage in these projects, and their recognition that in order to "be good" one must "do good."

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