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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Socrates on Trial

Directed by their teacher Jim Barbieri, 7 Theta presented The Trial of Socrates last week, in conjunction with their study of ancient Greece.

The play is a historical reenactment of the trial of Socrates, the ancient Athenian philosopher who was put to death for questioning the religious beliefs of Athens and for corrupting the young.

The play's themes center on the importance of remaining true to one's convictions and on having the freedom to pursue truth and knowledge. These are themes that resonate with the ideas and ideals of our school.

The boys did a superb job. Congratulations to Thomas F. (Socrates), Devin K. (Cristobulus), F. Duggan (Chaerophon), George N. (Plato), Ryan G. (Guard), Charlie P. (Xanthippe), Brij G. (Lycon), Ben D. (Anytus), Niall S. (Meletus), Liam M. (Archon) and the rest of the cast who introduced the play by providing its historical background.

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