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Friday, February 20, 2015

Third Graders Study Cultures of Korea and Haiti

Yesterday, Ms. Sungsook Setton of the Korea Society visited with our third graders for a workshop on Korean calligraphy, as part of the boys' study of culture.  The boys learned to properly hold a paint brush to execute letters.

They wrote a poem and then learned how to use the brushes to paint a ram, in honor of  2015, The Year of the Ram, in the Lunar calendar.

Boys quickly discovered that they needed to focus intently in order to master the brushwork. They asked thoughtful questions, such as where the ink comes from (the soot of pine trees).

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were eager to return home to share their work with their families.

The third grade study of culture focuses on the cultures of Korea and Haiti. In early February, the Brooklyn group La Troupe Makandal led the boys in a wonderful session on Haitian music and dance.

This was a special opportunity for our boys to explore music and dance as expressions of culture; and to be able to compare and contrast the ways that different cultures use these arts.

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