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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Using Race Cars to Learn Rate

Forget about the upcoming Daytona 500! Our fifth graders have the Gallagher 300, a race among toy cars, named after their teacher, which helps the boys understand how rate is calculated and how it can be manipulated.

The boys, working in pairs, first calculated and recorded the rates of speed of their cars (Mini Cooper, Lamborghini, #28 and Dodge Viper) on a 3-meter flat "track."

They then experimented with making modifications to the track, for example by adding a ramp, to see if they could improve upon their car's rate.

After two fun-filled trials and a final run, the results were in! #28, fitted with a slingshot, came in first with a rate of 2.21 m/sec.

This activity, which required the boys to generate creative solutions a particular challenge, is an example of the application of math to tangible problems that is prevalent throughout our math curriculum.

It's also a lot of fun!

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