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Monday, April 7, 2014

Delighted by Dinosaurs

Our Omega boys are immersed in an interdisciplinary study of dinosaurs: an adventure that combines music, social studies, science, math and art. They have been reading books about dinosaurs and recording research. In science they are learning about the periods in which they lived, their diversity, and characteristics. Soon the boys will go on a field trip to the American Museum of Natural History where they will act as paleontologists in a hands-on digging exhibit; they also plan to visit the Bronx Zoo’s dinosaur safari.  Next month, they will perform the Dinosaur Show for their parents—a musical showcase of what they have learned. In preparation for their show, they are currently creating a Dinosaur Mural in art, featuring their own dinosaur creations against a habitat background. 

Work on a mural such as this encourages cooperative problem-solving. The boys say that it is “so exciting” to create the mural, and this is evident in their singular focus on their painting and animated exchange of ideas from “Let’s make this mountain a volcano” to “That color blue for the water looks great.” They are learning how to mix colors, sharply define edges, and use contrast, all while reinforcing their study about dinosaurs from class.  In all disciplines, their teachers often ask “why” questions to prompt the boys to think more critically about what they are learning. Units like this are found throughout the curriculum at Saint David’s in all grades. They allow our boys to delve deeper into a topic and to gain more comprehensive understanding.

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